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NSB Flex

Votran Flex Bus at bus stop

FLEX service is a “call first” curb-to-curb, flexible transportation service which serves a dedicated area with limited timed stops in the New Smyrna Beach area.

As long as you are in the designated FLEX service area, we can pick you up at your curb and take you to any destination within the service area or to the bus stop that connects with Votran's fixed route bus system. Transfers to/from Routes 40 and 41 can be made at Votran's Julia Street and Sams Avenue Connection Point. The vehicle travels within one of three flex designated areas: NSB Mainland, NSB Beachside, or the SR-44 corridor within New Smyrna Beach on the mainland..

If your trip starts in one flex area and you are going to another Flex area, you will need to transfer at the Votran's Julia Street and Sams Avenue Connection Point. Reservations are required for each trip and will be scheduled “first reserved, first served.”

Southeast Volusia map for Routes 40, 41, Flex 42, Flex 43, and Flex 44

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Flex Vehicle
The flex bus is a paratransit vehicle with a seating capacity of 18 passengers (if there are no wheelchairs). Each wheelchair occupies the space of four seats. The vehicle is equipped with seat belts and a bike rack that holds two bikes. Passengers must be seated to ride. The flex bus does not kneel to board wheelchairs at the front of the bus. Passengers who need a ramp are boarded with a lift at the rear of the vehicle.

Age Requirements
Children 6 and under must have an escort. Children under 4 and/or under 45 pounds will be required to use a child restraint device provided by the accompanying adult.

Service Area
Flex service is available in New Smyrna Beach on the beachside and mainland and will connect with Votran Routes 40 and 41 at Votran's Julia Street and Sams Avenue Connection Point.

Service Schedule

  • Flex Service is available Monday - Saturday from 6:43am to 6:33pm. There is no Sunday or Holiday service.
  • Buses leave the Downtown Julia Street & Sams Avenue Connection Point every hour from 6:47am to 5:47pm.
  • Flex 42 (NSB Beachside) leaves the Indian River Plaza every hour, from approximately 7:05am to 6:05pm.
  • Flex 43 (NSB Mainland) leaves the NSB Regional Shopping Center every hour, from approximately 7:13am to 6:13pm.
  • Flex 44 (NSB SR 44/Walmart) leaves the Walmart Plaza every hour, from approximately 7:11am to 6:11pm.
  • Please note that the departure times from the shopping plazas are approximate and will vary depending on number of stops before the bus arrives at that location, traffic conditions, and weather. 

Flex Service is available to the general public and has no eligibility requirements. Anyone can use this service.

The bike rack can hold two bikes. To ensure a spot for your bike, you should make a reservation for the bike space when you call for a trip. For details on how to travel with your bike, please see the Votran Bikes on Buses guide.

Unscheduled trips
If you are at the NSB Regional Shopping Center or the NSB Walmart on the Mainland, the Indian River Plaza on the Beachside, or at Votran's Julia Street and Sams Avenue Connection Point, you may ride without a reservation if seating is available for that trip. We will honor reservations first. Even if the vehicle is not full when it departs, seats may be reserved for other passengers. This means the vehicle could fill up after it leaves the time point and before it reaches the next time point. For this reason reservations are advised.

Recurring trips (subscriptions)
If you travel to and from the same location on the same day each week, you may request a subscription. A subscription is a standing order for the same trip. Having a subscription means you do not have to call to make a reservation each time you want to make that trip. You may ask your bus operator for a subscription card or call 386-424-6810 or 386-763-3733; a dispatcher will contact you to verify the information. Please allow two business days for the subscription to be processed and put in the system.

Please note: If you have a subscription trip and decide not to make that trip, please be sure to cancel with Votran at least two hours in advance. If you fail to cancel trips you do not intend to make, your subscription is subject to cancellation. You then will be required to make a daily reservation.

Flex Service fares are the same as the fixed route service. Like fixed route service, you must have exact change. You may pay for a one-way trip or purchase an all-day pass that would be valid for Flex Service and Fixed Route service. Regular Votran passes are accepted on Flex Service trips.  For information about fares CLICK HERE. Please note that fares are subject to change.

To use this service, call 386-424-6810 at least two hours before you wish to travel. The call is toll-free from New Smyrna Beach. Outside New Smyrna Beach, please call 386-763-3733. The best time to make a reservation is Monday through Saturday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. For early morning trips please call the day before. Reservations can be made up to three days in advance. Remember to schedule your return trip and be at the curb at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pick-up. When you call, you should have the following information available:

  • Your name and the address and ZIP code of your pick-up location.
  • Address and ZIP code of the destination you wish to go to or the fixed route bus stop transfer point at Votran's Julia Street and Sams Avenue Transfer 
  • If you will be traveling with a mobility device, such as a wheel chair or motorized scooter.
    To streamline the reservation process, it is recommended you pre-register. Providing your basic information allows staff to enter you in Votran’s reservation system, making your reservation quick and easy. Think of the way you ride as having a bus stop at your location. The bus will leave your curb at the estimated pick-up time you are given when you make your reservation.

Helpful tips

  • Call as early as possible: This service is first reserved, first served. The vehicle could be full at a particular time and you may need to schedule another time.
  • What to say: When the Votran dispatcher answers, please say: “I would like to schedule a flex trip.”
  • Bikes: Be sure to make a reservation for the bike if it will travel with you.