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Votran's Vanpool Program, provided through COMMUTE with Enterprise, offers assistance to commuters who live in Volusia County. Many commuters in the vanpool program travel outside of Volusia County to work each day. For commuters, vanpooling provides a low cost, convenient, reduced stress commute. The vehicles used in the program come through COMMUTE with Enterprise.  They vary in type based on need of the vanpool.  Large passenger vans, minivans and crossover vehicles have been added to the fleet. Commuters that live in the same area and work in the same location form their own vanpools of 4-12 maybe more.  

  • Convenient: Vanpool members decide on a flexible route and schedule. For convenience, many passengers meet at centralized Park & Ride Lots.
  • Affordable: Vanpooling means no wear and tear on your car, saving on gas, maintenance as well as qualifying for possible discounts on auto insurance.
  • Reduces Stress: Vanpool members reduce stress just by sharing the driving with other members. Additionally, traveling in groups enhances personal safety.
  • Some Employers offer commuter benefits that could offset the costs.

Per person expense depends on the commute distance (fuel expense) and the total number of riders. 

Votran's vanpool program in cooperation with COMMUTE with Enterprise qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program provided by reTHINK a program of the Florida Department of Transportation.  This program insures that you are never left without a ride home.  If you have to leave early or stay late, you will have a ride.

If you are looking for information regarding vanpooling through COMMUTE with Enterprise, please contact 

Sarah Saylor
Account Executive
Central & North Florida
(386) 451-8206