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Emergency Evacuation

bus at terminalIn cases of uncontrollable emergencies, Votran is placed under the direct control of Volusia County Emergency Management and follows the directions of the established Emergency Management Plan. During emergencies when an evacuation order has been given, Votran fixed routes will continue normal routing. All Votran bus stops are evacuation collection points during a declared emergency evacuation order. No fares are charged during an evacuation or return. Evacuees will be taken to a transfer point, where they will board school buses for transportation to a shelter. For PSN (people with special needs) evacuations, Votran Gold buses are dispatched to pick up passengers and take them to the Special Needs Shelters (SNS), then return them home when the emergency is over.  It is highly recommended to pre-register for special needs shelters.  You can get information and registration forms by clicking on the Special Needs Shelter registration link below.

All vehicles are removed from roads when winds are sustained at 35 mph.

Click here for Volusia County Emergency Management information.

Volusia County Emergency Functional/Special Needs Shelter Information

Special Needs Shelter Online Registration