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Commuter Information

If commuting is a part of your daily life, congratulations: life just got better! Welcome to Votran’s Commuter Assistance Programs which were created to alleviate the stress of the daily grind. Together these programs ease traffic congestion and the need for parking. They’re good for the environment and save you time and money. No matter which program you choose you will reduce the wear and tear on YOU!

Did you know that in a single year Votran’s commuter program… passengers getting off bus

  • Saved $1,796,157 in commuting costs
  • Saved 143,825 gallons of fuel
  • Eliminated 3,595,629 miles on members personal vehicles
  • And eliminated 87,141 trips from local roads

More than 56,000 commuters live in Volusia County and work in Brevard, Orange and Seminole counties. Imagine the savings and the benefits to the environment if they all participated in a commuter program.

Votran, Volusia County's public transit system, offers several Commuter Assistance Programs (CAP) which can benefit the person, the employer and the Earth! Find one to fit your needs!

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Quick Reference table on tax benefits.