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People of all abilities can ride Votran

wheelchair on bus ramp

  • All Votran fixed route buses are wheelchair accessible with lifts or ramps. Our operators are trained in wheelchair securement and aid to persons with disabilities.
  • All buses kneel (the steps lower) or have low floors to make boarding easier.
  • Save money! Fixed route fares are lower and senior, youth, disabled, or Medicare passengers pay half the regular fare. 1, 3, 7 and 31 day passes are available.
  • No pre-scheduling. Buses are on a fixed schedule. The same time every day.
    No more wondering what time your trip is scheduled or your bus is coming.
    If you are not ready to go or decide to stay longer, just catch the next bus.
    Some routes have a bus every 30 (thirty) minutes. All other routes have a bus every hour.
  • Buses are safe and clean. All fixed route buses are equipped with video cameras. rider in wheelchair on bus
    A customer service representative is at the Votran transfer plaza in Daytona to help answer questions, and a security guard patrols the area.
  • All stops that are printed on the Votran schedule and all major intersections are announced by the bus operator or the talking bus system.
  • Votran offers travel training to help you learn to plan your trips and travel on the fixed route system.