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Votran Route 25 suspended

April 1, 2020

Votran’s Route 25, which services Howland Boulevard, will suspend services beginning April 4 until further notice.

Those who have no other means of transportation may be eligible for Votran’s Gold Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) bus pass program. To qualify, applicants must have no other transportation in the household, live more than three-quarters mile from the nearest fixed route bus stop, and use the bus at least three times in a 31-day period. Applicants will not be considered without a Votran Gold eligibility application on file.

Under the TD bus pass program, riders receive a free ride on Votran Gold to and from the closest fixed route bus stop, as well as free fixed route bus passes mailed monthly.

To apply for the TD bus pass program, request an application on the bus, by mail, or visit and click on the Special Services tab.