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Central Florida Mobility Week

October 20, 2016

Central Florida celebrates its inaugural Mobility Week from Oct. 28 to Nov. 5, 2016.

Mobility Week is a cooperative effort by the Florida Department of Transportation and its partner agencies that provides opportunities for citizens and businesses to explore ways to improve transportation in Central Florida. This grassroots effort promotes the ways sustainable transportation reduces traffic congestion and improves community health.

The theme for Mobility Week 2016 is “What Moves You?” Are you riding the bus or train to work? Are you walking or biking with your kids to the park? Are you forming a bicycle train or walking bus to your neightborhood school to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety?

There are two ways you can participate in Mobility Week 2016:

1. Attend events hosted by local agencies to learn about the various transportation options. Spread the word! Everyone can benefit from learning more about mobility options and how those options build  stronger communities.

2. Take the Mix-a-Lot Challenge to try a new form of transportation during one or all of the days during Mobility Week. Try a bus, train, rideshare, or bicycle.

Mix-a-Lot Challenge:

  • Take pictures showing how you mix and match modes to get around. For example, take your bike on the bus; carpool to work and bike share for lunch; or walk to the station and take the train.
  • E-mail pictures of your trip by Nov. 12 to and share your story for a chance to win prizes.
  • Winners will be selected  by a team of judges from the Florida Department ofTransportation (FDOT) and partner agencies.

Read the full Mobility Week newsletter and brochure