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Nine tips for first-time Votran riders

April 1, 2016

Branch out with Votran! Here are some tips to plan your trips:

  1. Plan ahead. Know the route and schedule before leaving the house. If a transfer is necessary, know ahead of time the transfer location and corresponding bus. Route and schedule information are available online at and by calling the Customer Service Center. Maps may be picked up at sales outlets, libraries, city halls and county administration buildings.
  2. Schedule extra time for each trip. Plan to arrive at the bus stop or designated pick-up location 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  3. Stand in the designated boarding location and wave to the bus operator. To signal the operator that a new rider is ready to board, it’s important to be on the correct side of the street and stand up or wave when the bus is in view.
  4. Bring exact change or purchase a pass in advance. Because bus operators cannot provide change, they require exact fare amounts. Passes can be purchased in advance at and in Votran administrative offices, the transfer plaza, the county administration building in DeLand, and at several libraries. For a full list of where to buy passes visit
  5. Confirm the bus destination before boarding. Check the windshield of the approaching bus to make sure the route matches the desired travel destination.
  6. Have the bus fare ready before boarding. When boarding the bus give the exact fare to the operator or slide a pass through the value pass reader.
  7. Signal the bus operator to stop within one block of the travel destination. Signal the bus operator by pushing the yellow strip next to the window or by pulling the cord running the length of the bus. Gather belongings before the bus stops and exit promptly when the doors open.
  8. Know the time of the next bus. Before leaving home, make note of the route, time, distance and fare required to transfer to another bus. There may be some walking required when making a transfer.
  9. Ask for operator assistance when boarding. All fixed-route buses are wheelchair accessible with lifts or ramps to make boarding easier. Each Votran bus operator is specially trained in wheelchair securement and aiding individuals who require additional assistance on a bus.

Give Votran a try
If you have questions or would like to learn more about planning a trip with Votran, please call one of the numbers provided below. You also may use the interactive trip planner on or email questions to The Votran Customer Service Center is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Travel training is available upon request.

Contact Votran Customer Service:
Daytona Beach: 386-761-7700
Southeast Volusia: 386-424-6800
West Volusia: 386-943-7033