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Transit Development Plan / Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan

FY 2022 - FY 2031

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The Transit Development Plan, or TDP, is a 10-year plan required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to qualify for state Public Transit Block Grant Program funding, which helps to fund transit services in Volusia County. This plan calls for a description of each transit agency's vision for public transportation over a 10-year time frame and sets the transit vision for the area. The TDP includes an assessment of the current operating environment for the transit system, the existing service being provided, an evaluation of existing and current transit needs in the area, and a plan to prioritize and implement future projects and services based on available and projected funding.

A TDP includes the following sections:

  • Baseline conditions – operating environment and demographic information
  • Public input – opportunities for the community to participate in the process
  • Goals and objectives – high-level statements to guide the actions to produce the desired outcomes
  • Transit demand – assess the need for existing and new services
  • Future directions – set the direction for transit for the 10-year period

The transit agency’s progress toward implementing the plan is reviewed annually through an annual progress report submitted to the FDOT. Every five years, the TDP must be updated to ensure the plan is keeping pace with changes in the community and transit system.

Most of all, the TDP is the strategic plan that provides Votran with guidance on future capital and operating improvements for public transit services.

The TDP shall be consistent with FDOT requirements, all requirements of Florida Administrative Code Section 14-73.001 (revised and published in December 2005), and all requirements of Florida Statute 341.052.

State of Florida Final TDP Rule

The Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan, or TDSP, is a five-year tactical plan that is updated annually and identifies how service delivery will occur in the coordinated system. The TDSP service includes transportation provided for those that cannot obtain their own transportation due to a disability, age or income. The TDSP must be provided to the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (FLCTD) and also is approved locally by a Local Coordinating Board (LCB), which is an advisory board to the area's Designated Official Planning Agency (DOPA). The Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged is an independent state agency serving as the policy development and implementation agency for Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Program. The TDSP document identifies the transportation needs and resources of the community and is prepared jointly by the DOPA and the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). The TDSP includes three primary sections:

  • Development Plan, which describes the service area, goals, objectives and strategies and includes an implementation schedule;
  • Service Plan, which encompasses an operations analysis and a cost/revenue allocation and rate structure justification
  • Quality Assurance, which is an evaluation of the overall CTC process.

Because the state of Florida has a coordinated system as documented and evaluated in each community’s TDSP, a determination was made that the TDSP can serve as the Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (LCHSTP). An LCHSTP is the required plan necessary to access Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding from the Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) and New Freedom (NF) grant programs. The LCHSTP must identify gaps, overlaps and potential services or projects that could be implemented using the grant funding to address the gaps and overlaps. The JARC program funds projects for low-income, underemployed and unemployed individuals to access work and work-related activities, and for reverse commutes. The New Freedom program funds projects for the disabled that go beyond services required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992.

More information on a TDSP and the TD program

The TDP major update is due to FDOT by December 31, 2021 and the TDSP is due to the CTD within 120 days of an executed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between local government, the CTC and the CTD. Because both of these planning documents assess transportation needs and the future transportation vision, Votran (CTC) and the area’s DOPA, which is the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO), have undertaken these efforts through one coordinated process.

Throughout the TDP and TDSP development process, there will be numerous opportunities to provide your input. An on-board survey will be conducted on all Votran routes to collect current customer input. Public workshops will be held and will be announced in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Votran's website ( and through fliers to seek input from the general public. You can participate by doing the following:

  • Read the Public Involvement Plan (PIP) to get up to speed on all planned outreach. Note, a new and updated PIP will be posted shortly, once it is developed for the 2021 Major TDP update. 
  • Stay tuned for upcoming events. As events are announced, they will be posted here.

If you don’t provide input, you are missing an opportunity to shape your future community!

Because the planning process is just starting, documents and events are not available at this time.

Please contact the Votran Planning Department, 386-756-7496, for more information on these plans.