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Frequently asked questions,
information on how to ride
and how to use your
bicycle on Votran.

accessibility on Votran

All Votran fixed route
buses are wheelchair
accessible with wheelchair
lifts or ramps.

Commuter Information

Find out about
alternatives to driving
like ride sharing,
park-and-ride and more.

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Service Alerts

  • Rt. 15 Outbound: From Palmetto, R- On Magnolia, L- On Seagrave, R- On Orange.
  • Rt. 15 Outbound: From Keech, L- On Maley, L- On Carolina, R- On Loomis, R- On Jean, R- On Maley, L- On Adams, R- On Orange.
  • Route 19's will be detoured. The will be using Palmetto to ISB when leaving the Transfer Plaza.
  • Route 3B has been detoured due to construction on Yonge St. From Wilmette left on Beach St to regular routing.
  • Route 3A has been detoured due to construction on Yonge St. From Willemette right on Old Ridgewood to regualr routing.
  • Main St bridge is closed. Route 17 outbound detour is: from Bethune, R-on Beach, L-on ISB, L-on Halifax, R-on Main St.
  • Route 15 outbound will have a detour when leaving the transfer plaza. Detour is as follows; from the Transfer Plaza, Right on Palmetto, Right on Magnolia, Left on Seagrave to Right on Orange Ave. Detour will last approx. 2 weeks.
  • Route 7 inbound has been detoured due to construction and road closure on Palmetto. From Beach St., left on ISB, right on Palmetto to the Transfer Plaza
  • The routes 30, 31, 32, and 33 are being detoured from the 17/92 and Dirkeson area due to a major accident in that area